About Tiny Angel Wings

Tiny Angel Wings is an online community, first established on Facebook on April 24th 2011, to bring together people who have suffered the devastation of child loss – either during pregnancy, or in the early years of life. We are not a charity, but simply a young couple running Tiny Angel Wings from our home in our spare time.

Our aim is to bring people together, and offer any kind of comfort we can through small but much appreciated gestures such as personalised graphics, memorial videos and balloon releases. In our first year we made more than 1,000 personalised remembrance graphics, and our Facebook community had more than 1,000 members. Those numbers have continued to increase since!

Every life, no matter how small, is a life none-the-less. We believe in keeping their memories alive.


Sarah is now 28 and is a stay-at-home Mum taking care of the five earth-angels we have been blessed with since losing our Ryleigh. Sarah used to work as a PA at a local NHS unit, and is currently fighting Breast Cancer.


Stuart is 32 and works as a Refuse Collector, although is currently off work long term to care for the family as Sarah goes through her treatment. Previously he worked in a number of website and graphic design roles for a few different local companies.

Our Inspiration

We decided to set-up Tiny Angel Wings five years to the day that we lost our own precious angel, Ryleigh Jayne Wright – please take a moment to read her story. Every little thing we do under the name Tiny Angel Wings is in loving memory of her, and we truly hope she looks down on us with pride.

Our Facebook Community

As mentioned above, Tiny Angel Wings is predominantly a community based on Facebook – that’s where most of our activities take place. Please visit us there, like us and help spread the word. Nobody should mourn the loss of a child alone – we want to reach out to as many people as possible who could use people like us.