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Written by Stuart

Welcome to the brand new Tiny Angel Wings website. Tiny Angel Wings, if you’re not already aware, is an online support community for people who have suffered the tragic loss of a child either during pregnancy, at birth or in early life.

Our community began as a Facebook Page in 2011, exactly 5 years after we – a young married couple living in England – suffered our own devastating loss of our first child Ryleigh Jayne Wright. We would love for you to take a moment to read her story.

Over the years we, through Tiny Angel Wings, have brought together more than 3,500 people whose lives have been affected by the loss of a child. For those people we offer a number of small, but comforting gestures, all of which are designed to keep the memories of their lost little ones well and truly alive. Our personalised graphics, offered via our Facebook Page, are particularly popular and allow those within our community to share them on their own social network profiles ensuring angels are remembered by their families and friends – and not just them.

We have previously performed a number of balloon releases in tribute to angels too, and also created a number of remembrance videos featuring the names of the angels that our community members have sadly lost.

Here on our website we maintain an Angels Calendar, containing the names and dates of passing of angels from within our community. Everyone is welcome to add their angels to the calendar, which is done via a simple form below the calendar itself. Due to the sensitive issue we’re dealing with, angels are added to the calendar manually by myself and my wife ensuring it’s never tarnished by anything inappropriate. The Angels Calendar also enables us to remember the angels on their date of passing along with the family directly affected, and we invite our community members to leave messages of support on their day too.

We also host a Wall of Light, inviting you to light a candle for your beloved little ones that have grown their own tiny angel wings too soon. Again, lighting a candle is very easy and can be done on the Wall of Light itself.

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Father of Ryleigh Jayne Wright, the inspiration behind Tiny Angel Wings. Now aged 32 and blessed with five earth angels. Works full time, worships his family and enjoys gaming and football.

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